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    Urgent help needed

    katewebby Level 1

      I have recently installed premiere elements 9 and I havn't been able to use it properly at all. I get sound but no pictures. I keep getting a message come up saying that it has found an incompatible display driver. Therefore I upograded the display driver and deleted the baddriver.txt file. I was then advised to uninstall and re-install elements and delete the baddrive.txt file again. It worked for about an hour and now a day later it has the same problems. The message is the same incompatible display driver ATI Radeon x300/x550/x1050series 2.1.8545 release. I have tried everything that people have suggested but still it's not working please can anyone help me I need to start and finish a project for a friends birthday!!!


      I'd appreciate any suggestions



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you've updated the video card driver directly from the ATI site and you've removed the BadDriver file, you've done exactly what we would have recommended.


          I would recommend you contact Adobe Tech Support.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            If you've updated the video card driver directly from the ATI site...


            This part of Steve's response is very, very important. If the forums had not lost text formatting - well most of it - I'd suggest that he format that in large, flashing red. Windows Updater, plus most update utilities, will be about 6 mos. out of date. Recently, one user relied on Windows Updater, and it reported that his nVidia driver was up to date. It was from 2009, and there were almost 30 newer drivers for his card and OS!!!!


            Though you have probably already done all of these things, look over this ARTICLE and its links, and check everything mentioned. It could be something as simple as the version of Apple's QT Player installed.


            Good luck,



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