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    PE 9 lockup after HD import from camcorder


      Hi folks, I've been using PE for many years. Currently have PE9 installed, all the updates, drivers, QuickTime, etc. up to date. No problems at all, I've produced many videos. But all of a sudden on the last few times I imported from the camcorder (Canon HV20), it imports fine but when it's done, PE9 locks up. It has the video on the timeline, but doesn't show it in the video display window. I have to Ctrl/Alt/Del, which then brings up the "PE9 stopped unexpectedly" Windows error.


      When I start it back up, the video is there and saved and everything works fine. So I can work around this, but not sure why all of a sudden it's hanging after I import video, the same way I've been doing it for years? And like I said, no problems doing this with PE9 until recently. No other changes to the computer, so I'm not sure what's up, any suggestions? (I searched around in the forum but didn't find anything).