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    Flash to flex


      I started to figure out the red5 server and was encourage by co-workers to try it out with flex.

      For my son I wanted to remake the tron lightgrid as a starting project and to show him what I used to play in my old days. And I quickly figured out it was a snake game without the food pallets and a consistent tail. And with as3 in flash I quickly made a working prototype, and started to convert it to flex.

      Now in the end I have an error on creating the tail.

      In flash I have a library object to be duplicated each game tic, but in flex I don't have this library item and I don't know how to redeclare in the constructor for it to be duplicated each time.


      lightTrailP1 = new Array();
      lightTrailP2 = new Array();

      var firstTrailPartP1 = new TrailPart();
      var firstTrailPartP2 = new TrailPart();


      But the problem is I don't have this trailpart.

      So my question is is there anyway how I can declare the trailpart with just code?


      Thank you for your help,