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    FormDataIntegrationClient.importData() deletes layout information

    ArneAtAdobe Level 1


      I have a pdf document in which every field that has changed is marked in red. I extract XML from it, change one field and import the data into the same pdf document. After that all fields that were red before are not anymore.


      Code example:


      inPdfDocument.copyToFile(new File("/home/arne/fooooooooo.pdf"));          // <-- contains red fields

      FormDataIntegrationClient dataClient = FormDataIntegrationClientFactory.createClient();

      Document inXmlDocument = new Document(inXML);

      Document resultPDF = dataClient.importData(inPdfDocument, inXmlDocument);

      resultPDF.copyToFile(new File("/home/arne/barrrrrrrrrrrr.pdf"));                    // <-- contains no red fields.



      How can I add data to a pdf without losing layout information?


      Thanks in advance for your answer.