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    Customizing Components Flash 8

    rezun8 Level 4
      How do I go about editing a component ( not skinning ) in my library? I want to improve or change some functions that another builder has made to a Flash Component. There has to be a way this can be done

      any help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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          Jamesabth Level 1
          By editing do you mean changing the design of the component using the Flash drawing tools?
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            rezun8 Level 4
            Hi James, Thx for responding,
            I have a third Party component I purchased. subsequent numerous emails to developer have gone unanswered.

            The component I need to edit has to have the math function editted by replacing a decimal point to accomadate for stock quotes.
            currently the decimal reads i.e. 42.68 rather then 4.268. I was hoping that by getting into the guts of the component Imay be able to make the change myself.

            any thoughts appreciated.

            Thanks Again!