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    Video card recommendation?


      I'm having problems with Pre 9 (incompatible display driver issue), and I've tried all the recommended fixes (update to vers. 9.01, delete "BadDrivers.txt" file, etc.) to no avail.  As I have a relatively old computer with IGP video, I suspect the problem is I need to upgrade to a better video card.


      Are there any specific recommendations as to what to look for in a new card that would work well with Pre 9?  My system specs:


      Windows XP SP3

      Motherboard:  MSI PM8M3-V

      Pentium 4   3GHz

      1.5 GB RAM

      Video IGP:  VIA/S3G Unichrome Pro

      Driver version:  6.14.0010.0275


      Thanks for any recommendations.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I thought video cards were AGP, not IGP... so that is something new to me


          Anyway... an ATI card for your video card slot (whatever that is) should work


          Since PrEl does not do GPU acceleration, almost any model is OK


          I would go for 512Meg of video ram as a minimum

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I am guessing here, but with the Via, I would suspect that the IGP, is "integrated graphics processor," but could be wrong.


            @ OP - The trick will be to find exactly what free slots you have on the MoBo, what the bus-type is, and then find a newer card that will fit that slot. Video bus-types have changed quite a bit over the last half-dozen years, and the bus-type MUST match 100%.


            With that info, you would then go to both the ATI/AMD and the nVidia Web sites, to see what is available. More important that GPU power, and on-board VRAM, I would look most closely at how new the card is, and how well the drivers for it are currently supported. That is the most important aspect. If you have a bus-type that is too old, then locating a card to fit it, might be a waste of time, if ATI, or nVidia has ceased support for that card.


            Let's say that you find the ideal card, and it has great, current driver support, you will want to disable any integrated graphics card/chip. This will differ by MoBo. Could be software in SetUp, or a MoBo utility, but could be jumpers, or DIP switches. If you still have your MoBo's manual, read over it carefully. If you do not have it, the manual might be available as a PDF on the MoBo mfgr's. Web site. Either way, read well, and carefully. You need to plan this operation out.


            @OP - Let us know what types of slots you have available, and then someone might be able to help find a current card to fit that.


            Good luck,



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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Motherboard http://www.msi.com/product/mb/PM8M3-V.html


              Says - 32-bit AGP (66MHz) for 8x/4x mode

              And S3 UniChrome Pro integrated graphics


              So... if using the integrated graphics, disable via BIOS and plug in an ATI card that is AGP then install ATI drivers


              It MAY be that just plugging in the ATI card will automatically shut off the integrated graphics - read the manual


              I mention ATI instead of nVidia due to PreEl not using GPU acceleration, and therefore the lower cost of ATI

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                As both ATI/AMD and nVidia offer really good driver support, saving a few bucks with the ATI wouuld be worthwhile. As you comment, with no CUDA/MPE support, there is really no need to go to nVidia - I just happen ot use them, so find that I most often recommend them. I have nothing against ATI's, and they seem to be great cards at a slightly lower price.


                As for disabling the integrated video chip/card, that process does differ, MoBo to MoBo. I have seen them set/disabled by many different methods. That is something to check into, before one makes ANY new connections. A plan will be a benefit here.


                @OP - good luck,



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                  Peacewalker Level 1

                  Thanks for the suggestions.  Looks like I'll be searching for a good, ATI AGP card (recent one, if possible).

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Before you put your $ on the counter, do go to the ATI/AMD site, and check for the drivers for that card. You want one that is still supported fully.


                    Also, while you are there, download the latest driver, as the card will likely come with a utility disc, and the contained drivers will be badly out of date - maybe even by years.


                    Good luck,