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    Return Code - Query for Multiple Rows as XML




      I'm executing an MSSQL stored procedure through the "Query for Multiple Rows as XML" activity in LiveCycle ES. I do this through a call statement such as this:

      { call MyStoredProc(?) }


      This works great, the stored procedure always returns a record set (with or without records). I use this activity rather than "Call Stored Procedure" because I can transform the record set into XML right away within this activity. Unfortunately any exception arising from invoking this stored procedure cannot be handled within the workflow as this activity does not have an exception handler (lightning bolt). In an attempt to handle at least some exceptions we have decided to use try/catches within the stored procedures and return different error codes. Now the problem I am faced with is that there is no way to retrieve the returned code within any of the SQL activities. We don't want to have to write an execute script for each of these SQL calls. Is there any way to do this? Seems like I'm 95% there.