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    Error when adding audio to stage


      Hi there,


      When creating a new presentation with Flash CS5 on Windows 7, I am able to add audio to the library, but get a virtual memory error when I try to then add the audio to the stage. The error says: "There is not enough memory to complete the operation. To increase available memory, close open documents or quit and increase virtual memory to allow more memory for Flash."


      This happens even when I am running no other programs. I have 145 GB of free space, 4.00 GB of RAM. Initial size of virtual memory is 6141, and maximum is 7000. I have an AMD Anthlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor, and a 64-bit OS. Other applications run fine, and I was always able to perform this step (drag audio to stage from library) with CS4 on XP. I got a new computer at the same time as CS5 and since then have been unable to use Flash.


      Any help would be much appreciated.



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          Sandy_ Level 1

          Hi Mary,

          Thank you for the thorough explanation!

          Please email your sample .fla file to us at FlashAuthBetaBugs@adobe.com.

          Please also include the exact steps necessary to reproduce the problem.Our email filter does not allow .zip files; therefore, make sure to  change your attachment extension to .zzz if you are sending in .zip  format.


          By the way, did you install the CS5  Updater? If you're not sure, please check the version number listed in  our About Box. The about box is located in Flash's Help menu under About  Adobe Flash Professional CS5. In the first line you will see a string  of number that starts with 11.




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            msalome Level 1

            Hi Sandy,


            Thanks for the reply! When I zip the file, I get an error that it exceeds the allowable size limit for mail attachments. Could I try dropbox? Here's what I did.


            1. Launch Flash

            2. Create new > ActionScript 3.0

            3. File > Import to Library. No errors here. I imported a .wav file that is 541 MB, as well as a smaller .mp3.

            4. Drag audio from library to stage. This is where it hangs for a minute and the I get the Virtual Memory error.


            I checked the version number as you suggested, and it's A part-time SysAd installed the software, and I don't know if she installed the CS5 Updater along with the other applications, assuming it's a separate install.


            Thanks for your help and reply!


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              Sandy_ Level 1

              Hi Mary,

              Actually, i don't think i need it on it right now.

              I just talked to developer about your problem. It is not a bug -- the memory limit was set to provide adequate performance. Most usrs don't need to increase memory allocation. It appears that you do need it. So please follow the instructions on the dialog and increase JVM memory.

              Please tell me if this worked for you or if you need furhter help




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                msalome Level 1

                Hi again Sandy,


                Thanks for looking into this. I should have mentioned that I already increased my maximum virtual memory from what it was originally (I'm sorry I didn't record that number) to 7000. That didn't help. Do you or developers there have suggestions for VM settings for use with Flash? Also, should I increase the initial virtual memory, the maximum, or both? At this point, I'd just be plugging in random numbers going at it on my own, and don't know what's recommended, or how to determine what's allowed (if there are recommendations or restrictions).



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                  Sandy_ Level 1

                  Hi Mary,

                  I forwarded all your information to the developer, I will let you know as soon as I hear from him.


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                    msalome Level 1

                    Thank you, I really appreciate it.

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                      msalome Level 1

                      Good morning -- Worked with my SysAd to adjust my virtual memory settings: initial virtual memory now set to 6144, and maximum is increased to 12288. I'm no longer receiving the virtual memory error when I drag the audio from the stage to the timeline, but the audio still doesn't actually show up on the timeline. No error message, but no addition. I tried it with a very small mp3 file (48KB).

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                        msalome Level 1

                        Good news -- I kept trying, and though the program went into "not responding" mode for a few moments, the audio did eventually show up on the timeline. All set. Thanks for your responses.

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                          Sandy_ Level 1



                          Here is what I get from the dev.


                          This messages comes up when flash tries to allocate memory and fails. It could be in this case that the large wav file is simply too large for flash to deal with. By my very rough estimation, a 541 wav file is getting to be close to an hour long. I would try converting it to another format, like mp3, before importing it into flash, or chopping it into several shorter wav files



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                            msalome Level 1

                            Thanks, this is very helpful. They are right, our presentations are about an hour long. My hunch now is we'll probably exceed the maximum number of frames allowed (assuming it's similar to what was allowed in CS4). I'm going to try doing this video, which is a simple slide-audio synchronization, in Premiere, then export to FLV. Many thanks!

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                              Hi! I'm running into the same error. It would be tremendously helpful to hear how you increased your virtual memory. I know this is an old thread so any help would be awesome!

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                                Hi Pepjin,


                                This was so long ago that I don't remember what I did to increase my virtual memory. I'm on a different computer now, and can't check my settings. I do know that I stopped trying to use Flash for long slideshows (I wasn't doing any animation, anyway) and never looked back.



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                                  pepijn_sf99 Level 1

                                  Hi Mary, thanks for the speedy reply! I know it was a while ago but thought i might as well try.

                                  I'm glad you found a way around it by using something else.