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    incorrect font display in pdf document(web view)


      Adobe helpers,


      I am encountering a  very peculiar problem with incorrect display of fonts in pdf documents when viewed in a web browser. Briefly, the problem typically affects  the first page of a pdf document, the font being displayed as an unidentified mix of large and very small, skinny type.  Other pages may or may not be affected, and if one back-clicks to the previous page the text often displays the correct font, so the problem is in some (but not all) cases non-persistent.  The problem however is resolved completely if I uncheck the 'display pdf in browser' option  under edit>preferences in adobe reader. Fonts I use include Arial, Cambria, Franklin Gothic Book, and Garamond; as straight-up pdfs, the documents look fine. FYI, I have Adobe reader X 10.0.1 (Win 7) and 9.0 (Win XP sp3) installed on two different machines. Firefox 3.6 and IE9 are equally at fault. FWIW, all the pdf documents begin life as MS Word or Publisher 2010 documents, which are converted to pdf within these applications before publishing to web.   Since I can't control how people choose to view web pdfs, I'm concerned that display of the prone documents is impaired when viewed in a web browser.


      Not sure if this is a reader, browser, or distiller problem but this seems a logical place to start looking for answers. Any thoughts?



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          First, check to make sure the fonts are embedded. If they are, it may be it just takes time to download the complete file and Reader is temporarily using a substituted font until all of the data is downloaded. You can try optimizing the PDF for fast web viewing (e.g., in Acrobat, select "Edit > Preferences > Documents > Save As optimizes for Fast Web View").

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            Landis,R Level 1

            George: yes, the fonts are embedded and 'optimize for fast web view' is checked in Acrobat 8.1.5. Also checked, under 'optimize' is 'allow speculative downloading in the background', anyone know what this means? Oddly some pdfs have no problem displaying fonts, some have persistent font display problems, usually the first or second page only, while others have ephemeral font display problems, as noted above.


            On another note: anyone know if Acrobat 8.1.5 is compatible with Office 2010? An Acrobat tab is visible but the pdf maker is non-functional. IIRC, Acrobat 8 worked fine in Office 2007 after updating.


            Thanks for the pointers.


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              I've also had problems printing with Reader X.


              When printing an attachment from an email in Outlook, if I don't open the attachment first, sometimes it doesn't print correctly as everything shows with the following number or letter. Example 12345 will print as "23456" and invoice will show as "jowpjdf". Even if I open the attachment, sometimes it will print the first page ok, but the next pages will "mppl mjlf uijt".


              Never had this problem with previous versions.