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    IE9 table problem

    BITESBITER Level 1



      I have a problem getting  tables properly displayed in IE9. The table is in the restaurant menu.


      The site works ok on all browsers except IE9 and FireFox4 on the Mac. http://www.topbl1.spiderswebcreation.com


      All tips are very much appreciated!



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          mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6

          Am I correct to assume that you have used a third party product to develop your site?  The product I am referring to is from Project7?  If so, I suggest you better post a query on their forums as they have a team of specialists who knows everything about their products.


          Their forums are at this link:




          The reason I am saying you should contact them is because they use lots of bespoke scripts and it is unlikely you will get people with experience of those scripts here on Adobe forums.



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            BITESBITER Level 1

            Hi, Thanks for your reply, but because Project Seven extensions are the best Dream Weaver extensions I came across, the chances are very high to find them on this Adobe Dream Weaver forum as well don't you think so?!


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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Works fine in all browsers.


              Looks like the issue with wrapping in the menu is due to the fact that different browsers need different quantities of leader dots between the menu item and the price.


              Rather than typing dots and trying to get this perfect in each browser (and driving yourself nuts), delete all the typed dots and try a small background image via CSS for the dots.




              .dots {
              background:url('dot.gif') repeat-x bottom;


              URL for dot: http://www.catchmyfame.com/images/dot.gif


              <td class="h3_menu dots">

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                martcol Level 4

                How about getting rid of the dots and and doing away with your Comic Sans font?


                Much, much easier solution and for me at least, a much smarter page!



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                  BITESBITER Level 1

                  I don't think you have understand my problem. I'm not asking for design tips (Comic Sans MS happen to be the font my client used on everything and wants it on his menu). Changing the fonts is not solving the problem. This is a IE9 problem that also occurs when you use divs or whatever element.


                  John Waller thanks for your tip about using a background picture with a dot. I did not manage to implement it in the table design of the menu I used yet.

                  Wonder how to do that.


                  Thanks David