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    Premiere Elements 9 must quit due to atioglxx.dll


      Hello forum,


      Two years ago I bought a new PC consisting of:

      System: Motherboard ASUS P5Q3
      Intel[R] Core[TM2]Duo CPU
              E8500 @ 3.16 GHz
              Clockspeed 3.17 GHz
              RAM 3.3 Gb (4 Gb installed)       
      Windows XP 32 Home Edition Version 2002 SP3

      Graphics card (see text):
              Gigabyte GV-RV577SL-1GD
              ATI Radeon HD5770/PCI-E.2.1
              1 Gb GDDR5/128bit
              (review at http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/3506/gigabyte_radeon_hd_5770_silent_cell_1gb_video_card/i ndex.html)


              After I have specified a projectname after having selected New Project during the startup of Premiere Elements 9 (PRE9)
              a Windows message is popping up after about 10 seconds saying that within PRE9 there is a failure and PRE9 must quit.
              It showed the following signature of failure:
      Appname: Adobe premiere elements.exe App.ver:
      ModName: atioglxx.dll
      Offset:  00088e2e
      And a failure report is generated with the choice to send it to Microsoft or not.


      When I repeat the above mentioned procedure then I see every time the same Windows message within a second.
      About one startup out of five to ten PRE9 startups is going wrong in this way. Seems a bit random to me.

      If I rename atioglxx.dll into e.g. a_atioglxx.dll then no failure is generated!
      It seems if PRE9 does not need this OPEN_GL file or it no longer recognize it as an OpenGL or it simply ignores it.
      (atioglxx.dll is described in http://dll.paretologic.com/detail.php/atioglxx)

      In the original configuration the PC was equipped with the graphic card ASUS EAH3650 PCI-E 2.0 with the Radeon HD3600 serie.
      With this card, PRE9 reacted exactly the same way as described above.
      That was the inducement to look for another graphic card.

      After an advice (newer chipset, newer/other drivers) of a computercompany I have purchased this Gigabyte GV-RV577SL-1GD a two days ago.
      This card needs a external supplyconnection (6-pin plug). The power supply is provided with such a cable and is connected to the card.

      But it has not helped to avoid the crash of PRE9.
      So it seems to be not the graphics card.


      If I look on the AMD support site for the newest driver version for both cards,
      Radeon HD3000 serie and the Radeon HD5000 serie, then I see that
      the newest driver version is exactly the same for both cards.
      I have installed this new version (Catalyst 11.3). It did not fix the issue.


      The MoBo has also the newest driver.


      I have done a try with a very small NVIDIA card. With this card there were no PRE9 crashes.
      But a NVIDIA driver for this card has also not a atioglxx.dll from ATI.


      I still prefer also for another reason to choose for this Gigabyte card. And I suppose that a AMD Radeon HDxxxx card also should work.

      I am not involved in how a dll file is interacting with a graphic card or application.
      So I can not say which component is causing the crash. Is it PRE9, is it the card, the driver
      or a perhaps a timing problem anywhere?

      The Adobe helpdesk was involved and has analysed e.g. the Windows DXDIAG and MSinfo32 but could not help me further.

      Thank you in advance for your suggestions.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Can you turn OFF OpenGL in the Catalyst control console?


          I would also see if there is an OpenGL switch in Windows - probably Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager - at least that is where I would start looking.


          I do not recall if PrE has an ON/OFF switch for OpenGL, like Photoshop does, but I would check there too.


          Good luck,



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            Vartiala Level 1

            Hello Bill,


            There is no possibility to turn off OpenGL in the CCC

            There is also not a possibility in Windows (via Control Panel etc.).


            It happened two times now that PRE9 hangs due to atioglxx.dll.

            Both times were after switching on the pc and then starting up PRE9.

            When I start up again PRE9 there is no conflict.

            But it can also happen after switching on the pc that there is no conflict with that dll.

            I have repeated the starting up proces of PRE9 sometimes more than 20 times, but no conflict.

            It is very strange.

            I checked with HWmonitor the voltages and temperatures. On the face of it there is nothing strange.

            I can see with that monitor that the mean value of the CPU current is about 5 Amps and during some moments at startup of PRE9 this current

            can increase till about 16 Amps for a short time. I hope this is a normal behaviour.

            I have also used the GPUSNIFFER in a dos command window. It is used by PRE9 to determine to which type of video card PRE9 is communicating with.


            Is PRE 9 also using some facilities of the videocard on basis of the data GPUSNIFFER collected (such as other ADOBE apps. are doing)?


            My ideas for investigating the issue are gradually exhausted.


            By the way, during these investigations I do not use AntiVirus software or Firewalls, because the PC is not connected to the internet.


            It is so hard to find, because the crash happens so random.

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              nealeh Level 5

              Not likely (as I would expect more posts here with the same problem) but occasionally there can be bugs in the newest drivers. For example the September 2009 nvidia driver crashed PRE every time Edit> Transitions were selected. So it might be worth trying an older ATI driver to see if that works for you.


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                Vartiala Level 1

                Thank you Bill and Nealeh,


                Thank you for your help so far.

                Meanwhile I have again installed Windows XP+updates+newest hardware drivers etc.

                I also installed the update for Premiere Elements 9 to 9.01

                I found also a newer driver for the video card and installed it (AMD version 11.4)

                All these actions did not lead to the solution to avoid that Premiere Elements 9 (PRE9) crashes randomly.

                With the Trial version of PRE9 the same result


                By the way to quit PRE9 I used  Alt+F4.

                But accidentally I pressed Windows(Start)+F4.

                This action causes that the Project Name menu pops up (not mentioned in the Help File of PRE9). In fact PRE9 returns one step back.

                And that is more convenient than to start every time the program by clicking on the PRE9 icon for  investigating this issue.

                So I could immediately answer this "New Project" window by clicking on the OK button.

                I do not give it an other name so I answer YES on the "Overwrite"question and PRE9 finalises the starting up procedure.

                When PRE9 does not crash I use Alt+F4 to quit the program.

                Then to try I used only F4 and I saw that it creates the same effect as Windows(Start)+F4.

                So I could rapidly repeat between the "New Project" window  and the moment that PRE9 has finished

                the starting up procedure by only using F4 on the keyboard.


                And it is still the case that when PRE9 is crashing for the first time after having switched on or rebooted the computer , then PRE9 freezes for about 7 ...10 seconds before it crashes. But eventually next crashes happen immediately.


                Besides from my experiences somebody else for me have tested this issue on a HPMEDIACENTERPC with Windows XP SP3 etc. and  with a video card with the Radeon HD 3600.

                And he experienced  exactly the same crash with PRE9. Also a conflict with atioglxx.dll.

                But he scored a succes by deleting all ATI files, but only installing the displaydriver and not the Catalyst.

                So if that helps is it worth to put this issue to AMD for further investigation?


                And is it known to you that F4 is causing to open the "Project"window in PRE9?


                Thanks a lot for your reaction.


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                  nealeh Level 5
                  • Try the 11.4 drivers released on 27th April to see if that helps.
                  • I'm unable to duplicate the effect you see with [Windows]+[F4] or just [F4].


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                    Vartiala Level 1

                    Hello Neale,


                    Sorry I was not completely clear about F4.
                    The keys F4, F5 and F6 on the Microsoft keyboard have also the text "New", "Open" and "Close" respectively.
                    With the F-lock key you may choose between F4 or New (file).
                    In this case the New (file) was chosen and so within Premiere Elements 9 (PRE9) the "New Project" window opens. Also Ctl+N.

                    And I already had installed Catalyst version 11.4 as I wrote in the 4th line of my previous message.
                    But in the meantime I have done some investigations.

                    First I used a clean, reformatted partition C: with all newest drivers / updates exept the video driver, so the standard Microsoft driver was used.
                    Installed PRE9 and started it up. No unwanted quit of PRE9.
                    Then I used the "NEW" to reopen the New Project window etc. No unwanted quit of PRE9.
                    I repeated this more than 30 times. No unwanted quit of PRE9.
                    Then I installed the Catalyst driver from the Gigabyte CD (CCC+display driver 8.741 dated 27-05-2010).
                    PRE9 was started up. No unwanted quit of PRE9
                    Then I used the "NEW" to reopen the New Project window etc.
                    You can read in the table below after how many times "New" is used before PRE9 quited due to module atioglxx.dll. See column F4A
                    Then I started PRE9 again up to 25 times etc.

                    Then I installed only the display driver out of Catalyst version 11.4.
                    Test as described above but repeated 7 times. See column F4B

                    Then I also installed the complete Catalyst 11.4
                    Test as described above but repeated 3 times. See column F4C


                    PRE9 started    F4A   F4B     F4C
                    1st time             7       21        8
                    2nd etc.             4       25      12
                    3                       2       63      71
                    4                       5       11
                    5                       6       16
                    6                       1         5
                    7                       1       17
                    8                       2 
                    9                       1
                    10                   27
                    11                     1
                    12                     3
                    13,14,15,16,17   1
                    18                     5
                    19                     3
                    20                   19
                    21                     5
                    22                     6
                    23                     6
                    24                     6
                    25                     1

                    So it makes no difference if you install only the display driver itself or the complete package.
                    And you can see that newer drivers are a bit more stable but not without errors.
                    And I have the information from a complete other PC as I have written, and also with unwanted quits of PRE9 and also due to atioglxx.dll!
                    I may suppose and conclude that there should be more unwanted quits of PRE9 on other PC systems with Windows XP and a ATI based videocards
                    with Radeon HD 3000 series or 5000 series. They use the same Catalyst drivers!




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                           Yes, other Win XP users with ATI Radeon HD 3600 card are having the same problem.  The program closes on me more often when a properly sized still has been added to the timeline and the preview has just been rendered.  Event viewer shows that the error is related to atioglxx.dll.  I was planning to make all the changes that you have tried.  Gosh, now I don't think I'll bother.  I had already tried updating the driver through Windows.  That didn't work.  In fact, it produced a blue screen error.  Instead of rolling back the driver using Device Manager, I restored the computer to a setpoint that I had created.  So I'm back where I started.


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