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    Xdcam EX PPro behavior - spanning issue

    Keith Moreau Level 1

      The way that PPro handles Sony EX clips on import is to join all spanned clips/file and represent them as one clip with the name of the first clip. While this is convenient in some cases, in others, especially when importing ot exporting Final cut pro XML is not optimal.


      Some background:


      I actually have a special way of handling the media for Quicktime, I used Calibrated Software's EX Plugin which fakes out Quicktime and makes it think that the XDCam .MP4 (actually Mpeg2 compressed) files are Quicktime capable, this is a lifesaver for me and has saved me terabytes of storage space, since I can use the native EX files, as well as tons of time 'wrapping' them with the Sony XDCam or FCP XDCAM log and transfer utility. By the way Calibrated and the developer, Greg, are amazing and have a great product and great support.


      The XDcam files are well formed and each file terminates with a end of GOP, so they butt nicely against each other, no partial GOP issues.


      Ironically the files that should be spanned by Premiere pro are AVCHD files because their 4GB file sections end mid-GOP, which, at least in my experience Premiere pro doesn't span and results in a 1/2 second of garbage with clips that should have been joined by the NLE.


      Anyway, I'd love it if there was some plist (in the 'registry' secret setting that just told PPro to ignore XDCAM EX spanning and presented every file as it is named in the file system, let me butt them together if I need to.


      The way that Premiere Pro handles this and the way that FCP handle this mean that XML cross App with these files doesn't work too well when the files are spanned. A lot of what I do spans the 4GB EX limit so any exports from FCP to Premiere Pro and vice versa don't work. The clip's in and out points are not represented well.


      Does anybody know if there is a way to disable this helpful feature and just have each clip be the actual file name, separate and accurate? Thanks much!