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    strange error - The Administrator has changed the Subversion settings for this site.


      Hello all,


      We recently migrated our server from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 R2. Contribute Publishing Service was installed on the old server and worked fine until we moved it to the new server. There are all sorts of connection problems since then. This one happened on most (not all) contribute clients.


      (1) first, we removed old connections on contribute client (to start fresh)


      (2) try to connect to the web site using the same key


      (3) was asked for username/password and passed authentication


      (4) everything seems working fine and I was able to make changes to the web pages as it supposed to.


      Problem is: if I close contribute client and open it up again to do more work, it throws error at me:


          "The Administrator has changed the Subversion settings for this site.  Remove the connection to the site and recreate the connection."


      If I re-do all above (1) - (4), I am able to connect just fine again until I close contribute, then I do another circle of the same thing. I am the administrator but I have no idea what "subversion" refers to and I sure not changed anything on the server.


      pulling my hair all day yesterday and today, can anyone help?


      Thank you