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    HELP PLEASE.  It seems like my entire movie cannot be recovered.

    mdubuque Level 1

      This is so difficult.  I was near the final end of editing and was composing the credits.  I put them all within one big Title Frame and that seems to have been a fatal mistake.


      That crashed my system and I rebooted but cannot even open the Adobe Premiere Pro application.


      I did have another copy of Premiere Pro installed on a different drive and that application does open.


      That version seems able to open some very old projects.


      But I am unable to open any of the following projects when I click on one of their icons:


      Does anyone have a recommendation on how to go forward?  It does seem that I am in serious risk of losing almost everything.


      If I could open any of the versions below I would be very grateful.


      I look forward to any help I might receive.  This is quite perplexing.


      Matt Dubuque


      Screen shot 2011-04-12 at 5.21.22 PM.png