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    I can't seem to locate the text and buttons on a flash template I bought


      Hi Everyone,


      I have been working with this flash template I purchased online and can't seem to be able to change the text that is displayed on it's buttons except for the first one. There are four buttons to the side but I can only change the first button's contents as I see them in the "Library". I am new to Flash and learning. Please guide me as to where I can find the other components.


      I can only see and change "WorldWide" and "Call Anytime Anywehre" button.


      Flash source file posted here:

      https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B8tFparkP0rKMzliNTcxZDktYmQ3My00ZjJiLWFhMDQtNTEzNWExMWZlN Dgx&hl=en&authkey=CKrQwcwF


      I would also like to add a link to each button and I can't seem to locate the URL Link button. I am using Adobe Flash CS5.


      Much appreciated.