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    load a new gallery from the main gallery


      have a question about loading new photos into a already populated image gallery.

      So I have my gallery set up so first loads my stage pics. What I would now like to do is load different set of images via the click of a button.

      So for example the loaded gallery already has all thumbs loaded and the user can click on them to view the full size image. next instead of the user having to close this gallery to allow a new gallery to open with a different set of pictures I would like to have a button. This button will unload the existing thumbs from the gallery and load in new ones.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I didn't see a specific question so I'm guessing you have not tried anything. Your ability to do what you want and how you might go about it depend on how your existing gallery is done.  If you look up the loadMovie function or MovieClipLoader.loadClip() method you'll see that when you target the loading into a specific movieclip, the loaded object replaces whatever was already there and assumes all of the properties of that movieclip.  So you should think along those lines in the way you have your file designed and how to go about replacing the contents of one gallery with another's.