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    Problem with populating dynamic drop down


      I am hoping someone can help.


      I have a process that is retrieving a series of codes from a table. It generates an XML which I have bound to a text field on the form. For testing, the field is visible and I can see the XML when I run it.


      However the code that I am using to populate the drop down is not working.


      I'm ot sure if I have done somethin wrong in the process or in the form.


      The XML in the field looks like:


      <?xml version="1.0"?>









                                              <CD type="CHAR">ES</CD>



                                              <CD type="CHAR">EX</CD>



                                              <CD type="CHAR">NF</CD>











      In the JavaScript of the form I have:


      var parsedOther = new Array();

      var taxtypeXML = XMLData.parse(form.Page1.type.assignedOther.rawValue, false);

      var otherList = XMLData.applyXPath(taxtypeXML, "//code[*]/CD");

      if (otherList.length){

           for (var i = 0; i < otherList.length; i++){




           if (otherList.value){








      assignedOther if the text field that has the XML and otherExpl if the drop down fiend.