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    Can't figure out what i'm doing wrong


      I'm trying to run 2 color pickers,  one to change background color, and one to change image color. I'm  trying to create a similar feature to the one on this website.


      http://www.dezignwithaz.com/wall-stickers-kids-rooms/singlecolor-vinyl -stencils/clouds-wall-decals-p-1726.html


      Toward the middle of the webpage you can change image color and wall color. Any help? Please?


      I've  been able to do a simple flash app, where i only have one colorselector  box. And it works and changes either background or the image i have.  (depending on what i want i can tell it to do either way) My problem is  when i try to insert another colorselector to be able to select the  other color it starts to mess up when i start writing my actionscript  the same way i did the first one.


      Or if anyone has a better idea, i'm open......