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    First Movie in a Window help

    onefiftymph Level 1

      Having issues learning to put an mpg into a MIAW. I'm a Dir novice, and struggled through Dir help, searched this forum (nothing at all for MIAW, strangely enough), then Googled and found some old Dir7 tutorials and/or complicated info.


      I want to replace my current method of popping up a small movable mpg video over a slideshow of large background pict images. Currently, a click on a (movable) sprite button swaps out to the mpg I want to play, and it can be moved around the stage. A second script on the mpg swaps back to the button. Heres what I use on the sprite button:


      on mouseUp me

        set the member of sprite the currentSpriteNum to "01.mpg"



      Simple. And it sort of works.Trouble is, that only works when nothing on the stage is moving, or else the mpg flickers or pauses.


      Will MIAW work to remove the flicker? Here's Lingo I copied from different tutorials. I'm not sure what to take out or add:


      on enterFrame me

         window().new ("window name")

        window("window name").filename = "01.mpg" 



         window("window name").close()

         window("Sample").rect = rect(0, 0, 200, 300)



      Help appreciated




      Dir 11 / Mac 0s10.5.8

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Since you are already using a "button" and a #mouseUp handler, start by sticking with that. You will need to create a separate Director file with your MPG movie playing as a sprite in it. For argument's sake let's name this new Director file "MIAW.dir":

          on mouseUp me
            -- create a new window object and give it a name
            tWindow = window().new ("MPG")
            -- point it to an existing Director file
            tWindow.filename = "MIAW" -- no .dir extension required
            -- decide where to place it on screen
            tWindow.rect = rect(0, 0, 200, 300)
            -- open it
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            onefiftymph Level 1

            thanks so much Sean! my first MIAW! Awesome.


            Some minor details I'd love to finesse, if I could get some additional pointers...


            How would I swap and click through 3 separate mpg's one after the other and then quit the MIAW? (delete from memory)  In my old system, I clicked on the mpg to get the next, which appeared in the same place. I like that. The last swapped to the button again and the mpgs cleared. I made 3 separate .dir's for the 3 .mpgs and tried a script on the MIAW .dir file, didn't work...


            How to keep the MIAW in front when a button on stage is clicked?

                 This isn't working:  window("MPG").moveToFront()


            Can I have 2, or 3 MIAWs play at the same time?


            thanks Larry