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    Can't load class 'mx.transitions.BroadcasterMX'


      I have a flash piece that I programmed last year in CS4 and now I had to change a little bit of the content, nothing code related, just modify an image. Now I'm using CS5 but when I try to publish the movie, I get an error: Can't load class or interface 'mx.transitions.BroadcasterMX' (I'm translating fom spanish)


      I have reduced the fla to the minimal expression. just a frame with the following AS:


      import mx.transitions.Tween;
      import mx.transitions.easing.*;


      new Tween(MCcore, "_y", None.easeNone, MCcore._y, 0, 2, true);


      Where MCcore is just a square in the bottom of the screen that should move to the top.


      I've checked that BroadcasterMX is in the correct path of the hard drive and is not corrupted.


      I've tried with several publishing options from flash player 6 to flash player 10 but always the same error.


      As I said, the movie compiled correctly in CS4. What is going wrong?