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    Another button query

    Sean Samuel
      Hello to the Gurus of RoboHelp HTML x5.

      I would be enormously grateful if someone would help me with this little exercise.

      This seems like a strange question, but here goes anyway.

      I am attempting to open a <filename>.chm file via a button in the footer of the same <filename>.chm.

      What currently exists is a <filename>.htm in a <filename>.chm displayed in an application wizard. Then I want to open the <filename>.chm at the first page via a button in the footer of the <filename>.htm displayed in the application wizard.

      All help gratefully received
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Sean. You have me and at least one other contributor to these forums scratching their heads in a confused state. That's easily done in my case but perhaps you could explain a little more what you are trying to do. Is the <filename> .htm a topic that forms part of your CHM? If so, can't you just link to it from your "application wizard" - whatever that is?
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            Level 2

            If I understand what you are trying to do, it is to open a second instance of the .chm file from the .chm file itself. This would allow users to see two separate topics side by side. This could also be done with a secondary window but that generally wouldn't have a navigation pane. To open a separate instance, you can use a shortcut control, using hh.exe as the program and filename.chm::/topic.htm as the parameter.

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              Sean Samuel Level 1
              Hello everyone

              What I am trying to do is, as John has explained alot better than I did, is show 2 HTM topics of the same CHM file at the same time.

              Colum, you're right about it opening the chm via a button on the dialog itself, but it was deemed as, "maybe a little confusing". I know that it is possible to display a second topic in a second window, so I thought it must be possible to open a chm file from a button in the footer in a HTM file of the same chm file.

              Not unreasonable I thought.

              I have tried Johns' suggestion, but I get a BaseApp_ActiveXWrapper dialog appearing, saying "A required resource is unavailable"

              Any further comments will be gratefully recevied
              Many thanks
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                Level 2

                I haven't ever seen the error you report and can't find any reference to it. Are you able to add other shortcut controls to the footer? For example, try opening Notepad.

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                  Sean Samuel Level 1
                  Hello John
                  Thanks for your comment.
                  I can run a shortcut to Notepad.exe, but the message seems to appear when I reference hh.exe, or the .chm file.

                  Just a thought I change the topic to appear in a different window from the .chm file, hoping that the Main window would change as an indication it was working.

                  I don't think this would be the problem, but ???