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    Using SWL files with ActionScript 2




      Hopfully this wont get too drown out..I have a cisco DMP-4310g that can use flash files localy on the device i'm tring to find out what type of SWF files can be used. Here is a link to help... refer to the shockwave part  http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/video/digital_media_systems/5_x/5_2/dmd/user/guide/playlis ts.pdf


      In the document it says the device dont support ActionScript 3 only ActionScript 2. So that bring me to my next question what do I need to create the SWF files this device can play. I'm not too savy with creating the files and thought I would ask couse I'm not too sure I know what I need to create them. 


      Thanks in advance