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    Symbols and Colors

      Hi -

      I'm using Robohelp HTML v5.0.2 under Windows XP SR2 to build a fairly lenghthy Help project. I've got two major issues:

      1. Symbols added in the WYSIWYG editor or pasted from M/S word are corrupted when the project is generated. I'm using Symbols, Webdings and Wingdings 1,2, and 3 fonts, mostly for arrows, boxes, and check marks. What appears in the compiled version has no relation to what I put into the editor. Is there a way to get the symbols to translate correctly from the WYSIWYG editor to the compiled version of the project?

      2. I'd like to use the Software Video Camera to do screen captures of certain procedures, but when I start the software, it give a warning message that the most it supports is 256 colors. I am creating the project on an IBM T42 laptop, whose video card has only two settings: 16-bit and 32-bit color (neither works). Is there a way around this problem?