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    How does enhance thin line work on Adobe reader X?


      Hi there,


      I noticed a display difference between different PDF readers. Especially in the rendering of thin line weights and widths and after a little research I discovered that Adobe reader X has a option called "enhance thin line", which when turned on (turned on by default) it seems to thicken/enbolden the thin lines.


      Option is under "Edit->Preferences->Display->Enhance thin line


      Opening these in a different PDF reader like PDFill you notice the same lines are thin by default and I assume this is how the drawing creator originally intended the viewer to see it.


      My question is, is this setting only affect the electronic display? i.e. monitors and laptops screens or does this setting also affect the output print?


      Also how does the Adobe reader decide which lines to articifically increase and which ones to leave alone and also by what level does it increase the lines to?


      Does the reader parse the file and checks for any line widths that are for example less than 0.5 in width and then add .2 to all these lines?


      Many questions I know but I just hope someone has some answers



      Many thanks in advance.