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    Security domain problem - urgent help required

    steph62 Level 1



      I'm developing an admin application which will allow users to load games and run them.

      The admin application is an air app with flex 3.3 and the games are remotely hosted pure flash swfs.  All the games have a dependency on multiple libraries which, when compiled together, is too large (too large for on-request downloads).

      I have therefore created a core library with the dependencies compiled into it to reduce the size of the game swfs, and I am compiling this core library into the air app.  However, when I try to load the games, they cannot access the core library and so I get a verify error.  If I put the game in a local directory, it can access the core library code without issue, so I have deduced this is a problem with the game being loaded into another security sandbox.


      Does anyone know a way around this?  The games MUST be loaded from a remote server.  I've tried Security.allowDomain, various set ups with loader context and security context and nothing seems to work. To be quite honest, my knowledge of flex security is limited, so I've just been guessing - any pointers or help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated!