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    Adding slides to quizzes


      I think I am missing something basic here, but have not been able to figure it out: I have created a quiz and have slides for correct and incorrect answers. So clicking the correct answer takes you to slide X and an incorrect answer takes you to slide Y. When published, and after answering the question, the user gets a message that continuing will take you out of the quiz. How do I get the answer slides as part of the quiz?

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          I suspect that your answer slides are outside of the Quiz scope. This scope starts with the first question slide and ends with the score slide. When you get out of the Quiz Scope the quiz attempt is considered as finished. So you will have to check if you can put those answer slides before the score slide. Of course you will have to be sure by adjusting navigation on all question slides on Success/failure that they do not appear at the end of the quiz.



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            maplepollock Level 1

            Thank you for responding.  After I posted this issue, I discovered the boundaries issue in quizzes. Unfortunately, the slides in question are within the quiz boundaries. So I am still perplexed by this.

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