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    Could a change in OS Service Pack in any way effect performance.


      I've got a strange issue and it seems to involve only AE CS5 and no other programs, I can re-install AE and try again, but as an academic that does not help me in any way, I need to know about such issues should they arise for a colleague or a student as well.


      Recently on my home system, I installed a new GPU, the GTX 560, I decided to do the whole shabang and get a 2nd hard drive for data storage and reinstall the OS from scratch.


      The result is an increased in performance in every single program, from the Autodesk Suite to games, everything is at least 40% better than before.


      I'm can't figure out what the issue is with AE, it's the only one which is producing slower results. Now my 6GB of RAM is probably the bare minimum for AE to work at a decent rate, but to the extend where I can get even 2 frames together for a RAM preview.


      More than resolving the problem I'd like to know what it is.


      So my question is, has anyone else suffered in performance if they upgraded their Service Pack after installing AE.