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    Sending a pdf file using submit without client email program.

    Rattler58 Level 1

      I need a solution on sending a completed pdf file to my email address without the clients email program poping up.  My website has a small pdf file that users can complete and return to me.  I get many complaints from users stating it requires them to save the file first and then they are unsure were it saved or how to attach it to a email.  To make this easer on my users I want the submit button to simply send me the file using some method from my website.  I use iPage to host the site now.  I was looking for a script to call or some way to do this automaticly.  I was woundering if urs/sbin/sendmail might work.  I am simply at a loss on this.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Using a sendmail type script will send you the form data in the body of an email message, if the form is set up to submit as "HTML". You can create your own script to attach the form data as an FDF, XFDF, or even the complete PDF, but it's unlikely your provider supplies a script for this, so you'd have some custom programming to do.


          Sending just the form data also avoids the licensing restrictions for Reader-enabled forms. You can easily import an FDF or XFDF into a blank form to create a filled-in form.