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    Workflow challenge: assigning a pile of forms to a user

    c@tc.se Level 2

      Here's a challenge I'm facing myself, so I thought I might bounce it around this community.


      Bare in mind that the available modules are limited to LiveCycle Forms and LiveCycle Process Management.


      1) A user is to complete five different forms in subsequent order.

      2) All five forms are to be prepopulated from an external system, i.e. the external system creates the task and assigns it to a group queue.

      3) The user claims the task from the group queue, which might get 60 such five-form-tasks each day.

      4) The prepopulation data of the five forms is known from the beginning, i.e. there's no "if checkbox in form 2 is checked then insert this into form 4" going on.

      5) The rest, at least I think, is trivial.


      I'd really appreciate some good suggestions...