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    Firewire Playback under Win7 64bit

    rickg1949 Level 1

      Found the key!!


      Since upgrading last year to Windows 7 64bit my firewire RAID playback (which had worked fine with HDV, AVI, Quicktimes, MJPEG clips) seems to slow down in Premiere CS5 so badly that I thought it was usless.  Found various forums discussing this same problem with file transfer via IEEE1394 cards and saw that I wasn't alone.  Most solutions suggested by MS engineers and others was to roll the 1384 driver back to the one titled "Legacy".  For some it worked but not all.  And in my case, clip playback, even at 1/4 playback resolution, stuttered and stopped.


      Well, I did find reference to a manufacturer of firewire video cameras who had their own driver and it worked for some folks.  Bit the bullet, disconnected my drives, installed driver and VOILA!!!!  I now have my old throughput back again.  Layered 3 pic-in-pics on the timeline, played like "Wow!"  Even forward and back in the timeline with the arrow keys doesn't miss a beat.


      So this seems to be a Microsoft "thing" not Adobe in any way shape or form.  If anyone has this same problem go to:




      for the drivers for 64bit Firewire.  Made my day!!!



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          Colin Brougham Level 6



          Which driver/software are you specifically referring to on that page? There are a couple 64-bit packages...


          Also, are you saying that you have Firewire/1394 output AND hardware/GPU MPE playback?


          EDIT: Actually, I think I misread your post--or it wasn't clear what you were referring to. You're talking about playback off drives, not out through a Firewire device, right?

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            rickg1949 Level 1

            I used the ubcore "End users" version for 64bit Windows 7.


            Yes, I am only talking about playback of HDV clips off my Iomega Power Pro RAID (5) and from an old Lacie Bigger Disk 1.4TB.


            Still not GPU enabled since my Nvidia FX 5600 is not on the "list".  Thinking of investing in the 5800 with 4gig RAM soon.


            Just so happy to come here and offer a solution rather than just a problem!! 




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              rickg1949 Level 1

              OOOPs!!!!  Spoke too soon here.....


              Now I can't view capture devices using this driver.  So, please be aware!!!!!!!

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                Averdahl Level 4

                The drivers from unibrain are truly superiour and gives really fast and reliable speeds over FireWire and i use them myself. I transfer data with a FireWire CompactFlash reader from Sandisk and the transfer speeds are fantastic compared to the default drivers, legacy or not. With the default drivers data did often got corrupt. I have never had that issue with Unibrains drivers.


                They have one downside though:

                If you connect any DV/DHV device they wont show up in the system and will thus be unusable. But since it is easy to switch the driver in the Control Panel i think it is a non issue.



                I see that you had already found it to be the truth...



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                  rickg1949 Level 1

                  OK, after emailing uniBrain, it came down to using their drivers for my Lacie Firewire 800 card connected to my RAID and rolling back the driver on my 1394 bus connection in the workstation to the Windows drivers.  Hooked up the Sony deck to the bus connection, captured fine to all drives and still have the great playback in Premiere from the RAID.


                  Whehh.....  another day of monkeying around and not really working.  But I have my RAID back at full speed.



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                    Averdahl Level 4

                    Thats how i do as well. Unibrain drivers to my FW800 and the legacy drivers to my FW400.