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    RoboHelp 9-Can a Deleted Folder be Readded?

    chelluvsGod Level 1

      A project that was created in RoboHelp 7 was opened in RoboHelp 9 to be worked on.  There were many broken links and some of them could not be restored.  I had to recreate these from scratch.  Some of the Folders existed and some did not due to updates that needed to be done to the document. One Folder that did exist acted odd.  When I added the topic to it, nothing displayed.  I deleted the topic and tried again.  The same thing occurred.  I then deleted the Folder thinking I could re-add it.  Oops...now I am unable to re-add the folder, I receive an error message stating there is a problem.


      The error message title reads RoboHelp HTML.

      The error itself states: An error occurred while trying to save data to <C:\Documents and Settings\mwhiteh\My Documents\My RoboHelp

      Projects\e-CLAS CPP for Agencies\e-CLAS CPP for Agencies\Inland Marine Coverage\Policy Level

      Coverage\Builders_Risk_Reporting_Property_at_Unscheduled_Storage_Locations\Builders_Risk_R eporting_Property_

      at_Unscheduled_Storage_Locations.fpj> <5>.


      The folder I am trying to add is named Builders Risk Reporting at Unscheduled Storage Locations.


      When I go under C:, to the folder containing my RoboHelp Projects, I do see a folder under Inland Marine which is already named the same, but there are no topics contained in the folder.


      Should I delete this folder? Will I then be able to add the folder within RoboHelp?


      Thank you very much!