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    Tilted Horizon


      Hi, I have a problem where I didn't get my camera quite straight and so the horizon is tilted. I corrected it by Show Properties .> Edit > Motion and set a 5 degree correction. There was black space around the clip from the new framing, so I zoomed the scale to eliminate them. However, when I rendered it, the black space was still there. Can you help me? Thank you, Stan

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The fixed Effect>Motion>Scale should have solved that issue.


          One user, MissMoppett had a similar issue, but with vignetting from her lens shade. She found that she needed to Scale a bit more, than what it appeared on the Program Monitor. I would change the Program Monitor to 100%, then drag it up to display the full Frame Size, and check the Scale there.


          Here is her THREAD.


          Good luck, and hope that this helps.



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            It is also possible that your Monitor is not showing your entire video.


            Right-click on it and ensure Zoom is set to Fit.

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              likemovies Level 1

              Thanks Steve and Bill, I appreciate the answers. Here is the video (my first one thanks to you guys!) In the beginning when I'm crossing the bridge on bike, you can see the skewed frame. I'll try correcting it as you advised. Stan



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                likemovies Level 1

                I did try your recommendations, but they're still there. I even went to very small magnification to be sure, but it looked okay. Only after it was rendered did the "tilted frame" appear. Interestingly, the frames are all different sizes depending on the rendering method.