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    White Border


      Hi guys,



      I'm using Adobe Fireworks CS5 for a while and I've designed a lot of websites. Today, I wanted to start my new project, but I was suprised when I noticed a white border in the browser (all the browsers). The whole image has a 5px white border around it. This is really bad, because it shouldn't be there, it messes up all my designs. I've checked out all my previous designs (before this problem occured), and they're all messed up. I can't show the designs to the guys I'm making them for, because it just looks bad. How can I get rid of this mess? As far as I know there is a way to do it in the browser or/and in Fireworks it self. I don't want to use CSS code, because that also doesn't help. I've tried it with CSS, but it simply doesn't fix anything and makes it only more complicated.



      Erol Simsir

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          It could be caused by a number of things. If you are designing on a Transparent canvas, you need to set the transparency type to Alpha.  Second, make sure that you have used the 1-pixel transparent spacer option. You'll find that setting under File > HTML settings > Table.