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    Conforming problem on file import


      First things first: I'm working with an Asus P6XP58D-E motherboard, Intel I7 950, Nvidia Quadro FX 580, 8GB DDR3 memory and Windows 7 64bits, all with 1 month of use only.


      The first problem: It takes aproximately 5 to 7 minutes to load Premiere Pro CS5 with the splash screen stuck on "exporterquicktimehost.prm". Now, I've been reading a lot about this matter and seems like everyone says its firewall or antivirus problems regarding the relation between Premiere and Quick Time. So I followed every piece of advice that I got on it in order to allow adobe and quick time to freely use internet. Firewall exclusions, antivirus exclusions and also turned them off to try but nothing change. Nevertheless this issue being realy anoing, I could go with if it wasn't for the second problem;


      The second problem: I shoot with a Nikon D300s DSLR camera at 24fps, 720 x 1280, and the sound format is 11.025hz 16bit. Now, I now Premiere has support for these formats altough when starting a new project it doesn't have an option that uses these video and sound formats together. All options for my video format use a 44.000hz or 48.000hz sound format. That makes premiere have to conform the files as I import them wich should not be a problem. But this is exactly the reason why I'm writing this post!!! As premiere starts conforming the first file, well, it never finishes! The software crashes and freezes making me have to open the "Task Manager" to be able to close it because it completely stops responding. And thats the big issue. Maybe I could convert the audio with soundbooth, I know, but premiere should be working perfectly and not giving such trouble.


      So here is my cry for for help! Especialy for the second problem.


      Apreciate any help.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Let's discuss the second problem. The Conforming is done to convert the Audio stream to 32-bit, floating point, for editing. This will happen, even if you have 48KHz 16-bit for the Audio stream, and for the Project Preset. It needs to happen. The closer that your Audio stream is to 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV, the less time that it will take. This ARTICLE will give you a bit more background.


          For the first question, the biggest cause for slowness and hangs, when loading modules has been active anti-virus, active anti-spam and anti-malware scanners, as they run through every file, as it is accessed, even if they just completed that scan moments before. Now, you have turned all of those OFF, and tested, so it seems that something else is getting in the way.


          Windows Indexing can be a bother, but it usually comes into play with a write to file, and not so much with a read. Still, I would turn it OFF for that HDD too, along with EVERY anti-anything program, and test.


          Good luck, and welcome to the forum.



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            DanBrasil Level 1

            Alright, I read the article and understoof everything Hunt. I thank you for it. But still, I kindly ask for a solution for my "second problem" since, although the explanation was perfect, I didn't clearly see a tip or a direction to follow in order to be able to import my video files without freezing the program so I can finaly edit them.

            Knowing the PC I'm using, do you think I'm having hardware problem? As if my hardware is not enough? Or is it maybe a system or software issue that you can lead to solving?


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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              If I were a bettin' man... and I ain't... I'd say you weren't running 5.0.3, but instead the original release. Have you run the updater at all/recently? Go to Help > Updates, and see if anything for Premiere appears; if it does, close Premiere, restart your computer, launch Bridge, and run the updater from there.

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                DanBrasil Level 1

                Hmm... maybe you are right. I did do some updates today after I read your reply here. But I don't know how to check the version I have! Can you teach me how to check the version of the Premiere that I'm using. Please.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Launch PrPro, and when it is up, go to Help>About - unless, of course, you can see the small type going by on the Splash Screen.


                  Good luck,



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                    DanBrasil Level 1

                    OK! At the top part (where it does not scroll) It says " Version 5.0.3 (005 (MC:218798)) " and At the very begining of the scrolling part of the screen it says "Adobe Premiere Pro v5.0, Scully".


                    But I have good news! I solved both problems with only 1 solution: both issues were being caused by the Quicktime I had and the Ace Mega Codec pack. I tried to open my Quicktime and it didn't start. No errors, no messages, nothing AT ALL, just double-click and nothing going on. I started searching for help in the internet and found this wonderfull tip in a discussion forum in the Apple site (can I say Apple here? well for now I'm saying it but please let me know if I can't) about this codec pack problem and then I remembered I read about how PPR comunicates with QT (thanks to you) so it hit me!


                    The thing is, te Ace Mega Codec Pack was not alowing Quicktime to work with Adobe softwares and caused Premier to take forever to initiate and freeze and crash when I imported any video file for the program wasn't able to conform the video files without Quicktime acces.


                    The solution couldn't be easier, simply erase the Ace Mega Codec Pack! Can you believe it!? So simple to do but so complicated to find out. Looking back now it sounds like a foolish obvious joke and makes me wanna laugh. Almost can't believe this gave me 4 days of trouble and bad sleep. Hahahahahahaa. Erasing the code pack made Quicktime function corectly and with that Premiere could finaly come to its swiftness and perfection. Just for the record, I unistalled Quicktime and Premiere, restarted my PC, reinstalled them both and restarted again and I use version of Quicktime.


                    So everything working fine now.


                    Thanks a lot for the good will to help, I realy apreciated it.

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                      Colin Brougham Level 6

                      The solution couldn't be easier, simply erase the Ace Mega Codec Pack! Can you believe it!?


                      Yes. Yes I can. Codec packs are nothing but bad news when it comes to an editing system. As in your case, they will often royally screw up your editing software--Premiere is prone to this much more than some other editing software since it works with many formats natively. If you load up a kitchen sink codec pack, you frequently override the priorities that the built-in decoders have. So, it's really no surprise at all that this codec pack wreaked such havoc. Best bet: avoid codec packs at all cost, and if you have a file that you can't import and you desperately need to edit, ask for a more reliable way to convert or import such files.


                      So... yeah... codec packs = bad. No touchy.


                      I use version of Quicktime.


                      That's a really old version; 7.6.9 is the latest and works fine with CS5. No reason to not be current with QuickTime, if it's part of your workflow.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I had and the Ace Mega Codec pack.


                        Whenever the term "CODEC pack" is used, I make a cross with my index fingers, grab my garlic garland and then start sprinkling holy water everwhere.


                        I hope that you were able to release yoursefl from the clutches of the Ace (heard of it, but not as often as K-Lite and some others) CODEC pack. Some tentacles can go very deep.


                        I would also run a Registry cleaner, like CCleaner, and try to remove all of those tentacles. When your Registry cleaner asks, accept the Registry backup. That is always good policy. In fact, I would first do a System Restore Point for today, and THEN run the Registry cleaner.


                        Good luck, and thanks for reporting the cause and the fix.




                        PS - If Ace installed FFDShow, but did not FULLY remove that, I would do so, post haste.