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    Reader X tries to save instead of Print


      I'm helping a user of mine that is having issues getting his Reader X to print. When he clicks to print, the print dialog box comes up, but when he clicks Print to finalize, it brings up a Save As window. It wants to save as a .PS file. We've tried printing to multiple printers in the office, Xerox's and HP's of different models, but it never works. Each printer is set up on a TCP/IP port. Some of the printers have PS drivers and some have PCL, but either way, Reader X tries to save after hitting print as a .PS file.


      He also uses Adobe Pro 10, but when he's been printing PDFs sent to him, he's been using the Reader to open and print with.


      As a test, we tried selecting the Microsoft XPS document printer, and the only difference is that it tries to save the file as a .PRN file instead of .PS.


      OS: Windows XP SP3

      IE: 7

      Reader: 10

      Pro: 10


      Any suggestions?