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    Thought I was in the clear, but ...


      I had a hidden field populated with XML. However, I had difficulty getting the XML into a drop down. I got that fixed and I tried to duplicate what I was doing to create another drop down.


      In the workbench


      I have created a process which queries a database and retrieves multiple rows named QueryCounties.


      This is passed to countyXML. I then bind it to the form with



      Then in designer I have created the field assignedCounty to hold the XML.


      When a check box is clicked it invokes:


      var address = Page1.commonScripts.getServerName() + "soap/services/COMP/FORM/SubProcesses/QueryCounties";

      xfa.connectionSet.CountyPrefill.soapAddress = address

      xfa.connectionSet.CountyPrefill.wsdlAddress = address + "?wsdl";



      I have a Data Connection established called countyPrefill.


      I am missing something because the text field is blank.


      Any ideas?