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    Copying frames between fla's freezes program

    Illusiumd11 Level 1

      Flash newb. Trying to make a news flash ad banner. I have constructed the rectangle now I need to make the cube, hopefully with the same timing of animations and tweens. I have made this first .fla AS 2.0, player 6 and imported a large number of elements directly from Illustrator so that I have a number of folders in my lib such as "flash0.ai_1"


      First fla is fine. When I select a layer and copy frames and paste them into a fla.2 with same settings I experience almost a complete freeze of the program. The new pasted frames do not show up. I have to minimize and restore the program to see the pasted tween/symbol/frames. Then whichever fla I'm in, I cannot select or do anything - or rather I am selecting things, it's just not showing me doing anything. I have to min/restore to see anything that I've done.


      I assume that in copying a tweened symbol based off a simple/complex .ai import there is some issue?


      I'd just as soon not have to build this thing from scratch when I already have a fine fla ready to be resized. Any suggestions? Lord have I tried to avoid this program lo these many years.