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    PC Shutting Down when Rendering


      I have used Premiere for many years/versions now and have had a persistent problem of the computer shutting down while rendering, regardless of the system.


      My current computer is a laptop (Clevo 900DF for those familiar with that brand) with the following specs:

      - i7 960 3.2 GTHz *desktop* processor

      - 6 Gb DDR3 ram

      - Windows Ultimate x64

      - 2 WD 250Gv harddrives (working as 1 striped drive)


      The shut-down problem is inconsistent, but occurs most when I got a number of effects on the videos, esp. things like level changes, or more recently, when I try to include a logo I created in After Effects in the video.


      Previously I thought the problem was with my systems (both desktops, on XP and one a dual core Vista x64 machine), but now I am having the same problems on my laptop and it's getting very frustrating.


      I am going to check into getting some better external cooling (hard to adjust internal cooling in a laptop) and wonder if this is a problem others have had and if so, what solutions you found. Could the inclusion of the AE logo watermark be causing my problems? (The render time is also very long, yesterday it was over 2 hours to render a 17 minute HD video to the H.264 YouTube widescreen preset.)





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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          A computer shutdown, whether you see a BSOD, or not, is most often related to hardware, and most often to overheated hardware.


          Take a look at this ARTICLE, for some tips, and tools.


          After all possible hardware causes have been exhausted (but not until you have tested them all), then you will probably be looking at a driver issue with the OS.


          Good luck,



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            jfk00ca Level 1

            Thanks Hunt, I'll look into that. The overheating seems like the most likely culprit, but what I find strange is the inconsistency and how one after effects element seems to completely bog down the rendering process (and result in a much 'hotter' render as well). I do have a few things running off a mapped eSata drive -- is there any change that consolidating everything into on drive/folder could help?



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              The eSATA should not be an issue here. Especially with a laptop, you should look into as much cooling, as you can. I have a Zalman cooler pad, run at full-tilt, plus SpeedFan, kicking things up a notch. With some Exports on hot, AZ Summer days, I have even placed an ice pack on my externals, to keep 'em cool. Insulate well, as you do not want any moisture onto the drive.


              Good luck, and hope that is all that it is.