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    Top and bottom still show as crooked even after being cropped PPCS3

    Bruce BFD Level 1

      I'm running CS3 and just shot a new video on my new HD camera (I've been working in SD up until now). However, after importing the video, I noticed the camera wasn't level and there are elements in the shot that make it obvious. So, I rotated the video -2 degrees, which made everything look level. Since the video file is larger than the editing window, the top and bottom look straight. However, when I export it as a WMV and view it in Windows Media Player, the top and bottom are angled (the sides are fine). I created a new sequence and imported the original sequence, then applied the Crop effect and set it to .5% for the top and bottom so it looked like both should be straight. However, when I exported and viewed it, the top and bottom are still angled. How do I fix this?