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    Help with Vista Ultimate 64 bit UAC


      I could not import folder into project panel by using....ALT + drag. I researched online and read it won't work unless UAC is disabled.

      I did disable UAC and waaaala...it WORKED!!!!


      I'm just a mom and it makes me nervous having UAC disabled???? Is there another solution? Or is it ok to have UAC disabled?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Or is it ok to have UAC disabled?


          Depends on what kind of nervous trigger finger you have while surfing ze web, chatting and reading mail. After all, it just does what it implies - prevent unauthorized execution of commands. So if you never download anything, visit suspicious sites or invite strange guests with infected USB sticks, it would be reasonably safe to leave it off. I mean, people have gone without it for years and even when it's on, it can't the the responsibility off your shoulders to not blindly click on anything. That aside, naturalyl you should take a multi-layer security approach and have a virus scanner/ internet filter on your system, which could even be just Microsofts own Security Essentials stuff or any reasonably good free virus scanner.