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    FlashVars + CSS

    yarkehsiow Level 1
      i am trying to format some text, which comes from a FlashVars, and is put into a textArea component.
      so far i have been able to format it with a stylesheet within flash, but i need to use an external stylesheet...
      is this possible? i have not seen any examples...
      thank you
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          bigbrain28 Level 1
          I just posted a Question about how my SWF stopped working, it WAS doing exactly what you need, loading external css and html. Check out that post for code, I think its AS2.0 though. I found that example on the web, so its out there!
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            yarkehsiow Level 1
            thank you bigbrain, but the key here is that the text to fill the textArea is coming from FlashVars, in the html page...
            im wondering if there is a way to define classes in an external CSS, then apply them in the FlashVars ...
            thanks for any help.
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              bigbrain28 Level 1
              I would think it would work the same, no? If you attach the CSS to the name of the textfield the flashVars are to appear in (and are tagged with the class) they should inherit the style. In my case the external HTM was created by a CF page (tags and all) and called into a Dynamic TF associated with the externally called CSS sheet. The HTM which was called was a variable as well, depending on what page you were on in the site.

              I think I get your issue, though. Are you having difficulty tagging the evaluated FlashVars at run time? I'm guessing so but i may be missing the point all together!