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    CFAJAX, CFCHART, Big IP and Reverse Proxies



      We have encountered problems when migrate our CFAJAX and CFCHART pages to work with Big IP and Reverse Proxies.  


      So the URL for our site is like this:





      However the user uses different URL like this:





      When user calls this URL, it will go through the Big IP and then the Reverse Proxy server.  The RP server is handling Single Sign on for us. 


      We try to make our application especially those CFAJAX and CFCHART pages work without changing the code.  So we have made configuration changes to the Big IP and the Revere Proxy server so that the reference to the CFIDE and scripts folder in the code: /CFIDE/scripts/… is directly pointing to http://myappIP/CFIDE/scripts/....  However, even though all the script files under CFIDE are accessible through this way, we are seeing some very weird 404 errors in HttpWatch like following:



      404 not found  https://myapp.XXX.XXX.XXX/CFIDE/scripts/ERROR


      404 not found https://myapp.XXX.XXX.XXX/CFIDE/scripts/ajax/package/ERROR



      I couldn’t find these ERROR files or folders anywhere under the CFIDE folder.  Does Coldfusion generate them on the fly?  Does anybody have a clue for this?



      Any help is highly appreciated!  Thanks!!