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    Data Service refresh doesn't remove deleted properties


      Hi, I have a Flash Builder Web Project in which I connected to several web services, I created the web services using MS Visual Studio 2008 and linq, all was working great, even when I added some fields to the tables, I simply refreshed the web service and the new properties were added to the valueobject immediately, the problem showed when I had to remove some fields from the database, mi webservice is working fine and throwing the right columns in the result but flash builder does not remove the previously created properties (corresponding to the db fields I removed).

      At first I thought maybe there was something wrong with the web services, so I created a new project in Flash Builder and added the same web service and it read the properties correctly. In the original project I've even tried to completely remove the services and valueobjects, clean the project recompile it, I've tried a lot of things since I've been with this for days now.

      Is this a known bug?  Am I doing something wrong? Please help I've been stuck with this long enough.