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    Migrating to Flex

      We have developed an application that allows our clients to configure custom home specifications and render a 3d homes using Flash and .NET We are considering upgrading to Flex and are concerned about the longevity of the product since the acquisition of Adobe. Are other Flex developers concerned about this? Am I misreading the company's commitment to the product? Is the Flex development environment more powerful than ActionScript? What are the advantages or disadvantages of moving to Flex? Any information would be valuable.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          No, we are not concerned about Adobe's committment to Flex.

          Yes, you are misreading that.

          At the end, Flex is Flash. Flex is a more traditional application development enviromnemt than flash. No TimeLine.

          Google this, it has been discussed at great lengthe by persons better positioned to do so than I.