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    Problem with Flash and After Effects Integration. I'm desperate, please help!


      Ok, here goes: I made an animation in Flash CS4. I want to post the animation on my portfolio website. When exporting in flash as an .mov (the only option) with a movie that is over 1 min, the file never works properly. The best it can get is an animation with ghosting or artifacts left all over the screen. It's simply a bug with the flash cs4 software and most people had the solution of taking the swf into after effects and rendering it there as an mov or flv. I had to recreate all my audio, but this did work out. However, I noticed a problem after and this is where I need help. All my animation on the main timeline shows up fine in the finished product. But, there is animation I created within movie clip symbols (i.e. background figure walk cycles and blinking eyelids on the main characters that are supposed to run throughout). They play fine in flash, and they play fine in the original swf, but when I bring it into after effects, they do not work. Is there any possible way to make this work? Those small details are kind of the best part. Please help!