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    AE Render Engine Run as Background Service ?




      I am trying to setup a render farm with AE networked rendering and was wondering if there was a way to make the Render Engine become a background service so it would not require any log on for it function (for example 3dsmax's backburner, V-ray, Maya... they all run as a background service on the render farm)


      Thanks a lot for any help !



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You can run any executable as a service by piping it through svchost. Check the Microsoft pages. No idea whether this will work, though.



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            alvinphoto Level 1

            Thanks for the prompt reply and for the info Mylenium !


            I have looked into it and have successfully got it to run AfterFX as a service, EXCEPT it doesn't seem to be taking into account the parameters -re -wf <path>(formatted like this: "z:\folder" where z: is a mapped drive ). I used the nssm software to make afterfx a service. Now I can see the AfterFX.exe process running in the task manager but it doesn't do anything such as picking up a render job, there's no watched_folder.htm file being created there as  opposed to just runnig it . I guess  I have  to figure that part out so it actually renders.


            Any Ideas ?


            Thanks again !