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    How to change focus?

    thesergie Level 1

      I'm working on a prototype that needs the HTML's anchor (#anchor) interaction. So when the user clicks a button, it will scroll them down to a different area of the swf. This will be a vertically long prototype (2300px high), so when the user clicks a button on the top, it will scroll them down to another section on the bottom. I usually see small websites made with FC, so i don't know if the functionality is built in to support this type of interaction.


      Thanks for the help!!


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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Flash Catalyst is meant to prototype and design more application like projects, and not 'traditional' websites.I don't know of any solution within Flash Catalyst to do this. The only quick idea I have is to look that Flash-JS communication solutions. There is a way for Flash to communicate with Javascript on a web page. Then you might be able to use Javascript to scroll the page to right point.



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            thesergie Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Chris.


            This isn't a traditional website, but an application that's on the web. Since it requires a lot more interaction than a basic website, Flash Catalyst seems perfect for the job (for prototyping it and user testing it). The only thing that i'm concerned about is how it will interact inside of the browser because it's a vertically long project. I know Axure does prototyping very well, but not for high-fidelity interactions like FC. 


            Are you familiar with any online resources i can check out (maybe a forum) to create this sort of anchor interaction?  (I'm not very familiar with actionscript and javascript.)