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    DateChooser question


      Ok so I figured out that the


      selectedRanges is how I light up multiple dates on the Date chooser to make it like an event calendar.



      but how do I set this array?


      also it looks like it takes a start and end range.  Can I just create an object with these two date values and populate them with my date objects which I have in an arraycollection and then push them into the array?


      I've tried a few approaches and will keep trying, but thought I'd put the question out there so someone can keep me from running around in circles if there is an easy/known way to do this.


      Right now I have an arraycollection of Date objects.  How do I make the DateChooser light up those dates??



      Yes I have these two set already on the MXML object    







      Please help if you can.  Thanks in advance.