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    FLV Video and Audio question

      I have a situation where I'm loading up a video (FLV) into a Video object on the stage using the NetConnection, NetStream, and Video classes and action script. I want to know if the FLV I'm loading has a soundtrack or not (some of the movies don't) so that I can choose to play a default soundtrack or let the movie soundtrack play. Is such a thing possible?

      I've noticed that the NetStream object seems to have a property, once 'play' has been called, called 'audioCodec'. I don't find any documentation of this property anywhere, and I wonder if it could be used to test for audio. My test case has no sound, and the codec is listed as 0. Would this be a reliable indicator of the presence of an audio track? Is there a place I can find the list of codecs and the integers used to represent them in this property??

      Thanks much