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    Plus Sign -- How to get rid of it?

    onemorecupofcoffee Level 1

      New to ePub, long time InDesign user. Today I upgraded from InDesign CS3 to CS5 in hopes to ease the frustration of creating an ePub. The book is in one InDesign file and when I created the ePub, Digital Editions viewed it well, but the chapters were not starting at the top of the page. After searching for an answer, a tutorial suggested creating each chapter in a separate InDesign file and create the ePub using the Book feature. Did that. Now the problem is that there are plus signs in front of each Chapter name. When you click on the plus and click on the exact same name file, the page stays where it is at. How did this happen? What have I done that is creating the problem. Note that, the Preface section does not have the plus sign and I created it the same way as all the others.


      Hope this makes sense. I would imagine it is an easy fix.